More2Come for Titas of BTS on its 2nd Anniversary

BTS dropped their comeback anthology album, Proof, on June 10, 2022, which officially ushered in the 2022 Festa Season for their beloved ARMY.

Bangtan is celebrating its 9th anniversary and Pearl ARMY has all the reasons to wear purple prouder and louder this month of June.

But for Titas of BTS (TOB), Festa Season started earlier on June 2, 2022, with a virtual celebration for its members, old and new.

More2Come Live

Following last year’s “Chikahan Sonyeondan” over Zoom and Facebook Live, TOB held “More2Come Live,” a virtual party to celebrate the group’s 2nd anniversary and to kick-off the More2Come series of events, which is a two-month celebration of TOB’s 2nd anniversary (June 2), BTS’ 9th anniversary (June 13) and the 9th ARMY Day or ARMY anniversary (July 9).

TOB admins and moderators led More2Come Live, where they presented various events and activities for members namely, the TOB Membership Kit, the I Need U Dance Workshop, and the TOB 0709 Radio channel on Stationhead.

This also served as the teaser for the first-ever Pearl ARMY Festa Bazaar, which is happening on July 8-10 2022, at the Ayala Malls Vertis North in Quezon City. 

TOB Membership Kit

Part of the celebration was the launch of the TOB Membership Kit, which includes a slew of goodies any ARMY will love.

TOB members were quick to place their orders to avail of the special limited edition pre-order benefit gift: a set of confetti that’s been personally handpicked by TOB admins and moderators who watched the Permission To Dance On Stage: Las Vegas concert, and carefully placed in an acrylic frame. A wonderful piece of memorabilia that’s definitely worth keeping!

Aside from the pre-order gift, members also clamored for the TOB “black card” aka Membership Card, which comes with so many perks and benefits including discounts and freebies from partner shops and establishments valid until 2023.

“I NEED U” Dance Workshop

On Saturday, June 11, 2022, TOB dance enthusiasts were all present for the “I Need U” Dance Workshop held virtually via Zoom.

Michelle “Tzy” Mesina, a founding member of World HipHop champion dance group Philippine All-Stars and a TOB member based in the US, conducted the workshop.

It was a sweat- and fun-filled afternoon for the Titas and their kids who learned the ropes to one of BTS’ most famous songs.

(Our key takeaway: Bangtan’s choreographies are really tough and to learn them is a satisfying achievement!)

TOB @ Stationhead

Later that evening, TOB members gathered on mobile streaming app Stationhead for the launch of TOB 0709 Radio, a streaming channel where TOB members and ARMYS can come together to bring Proof and “Yet to Come” to the top of the charts.

Organized and hosted by DJ Ahjumma, DJ Tita Hyung, and DJ Min Jabba, the party kicked off from 9:00 PM and extended all the way till the wee hours as Titas and Pearl ARMY enjoyed listening and chatting with one another to discuss all things Proof and BTS.

TOB 0709 Radio continues to stream daily on the Stationhead app.

Pearl ARMY Festa & Bazaar

More online activities are lined up for TOB members leading to July 9, when the first-ever face-to-face grand meet-up event for TOB members will happen at the Pearl ARMY Festa & Bazaar.

Organized by ARMY Connect PH and Titas of BTS, in partnership with Ayala Malls Vertis North, the Pearl ARMY Festa & Bazaar will have lots of exciting activities for all Pearl ARMY including a bazaar featuring official BTS & ARMY-made merchandise as well as Korean food and other goods, BTS-themed exhibits and displays, workshops and activities, a grand raffle with lots of cool prizes, and so much more!

Titas of BTS would like to thank the following sponsors for making the TOB More2Come 2nd Year Anniversary festivities a reality!

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