WATCH: BTS appointed as Special Presidential Envoy for Future Generations and Culture

Today, September 14, BTS visited the Blue House (official residence of the President of the Republic of Korea) to receive their certificates of appointment as Special Presidential Envoy for Future Generations and Culture.

BTS has been appointed by South Korea’s President Moon Jae-in for the government’s campaign “to boost Korea’s national image as a country that leads global issues via cooperation with private experts who display outstanding activities on the world stage,” according to the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and Korean Culture and Information Service.

As part of their role as Special Presidential Envoy for Future Generations and Culture, BTS will be joining President Moon Jae-in on September 20, to attend the 76th United Nations General Assembly to be held in New York City, USA.

During the assembly, BTS is slated to make a speech before the delegates and also show a performance video at the SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) Moment event.

The Sustainable Development Goals are the UN’s “blueprint for fighting poverty and hunger, confronting the climate crisis, achieving gender equality and much more, within the next ten years.”

SDGs will also include ways to forward to a strong global recovery from the COVID-19 crisis and plan for a better, safe, and healthy future for all and for the planet.

This will be the third time BTS gets to appear at the United Nations General Assembly.

First was on September 24, 2018, at the 73rd UN General Assembly, when BTS leader RM spoke on behalf of the group as they expressed support for the launch of Generation Unlimited, a new global partnership to help every young person into quality education, training, or employment by 2030.

In 2020, BTS members also made a speech via pre-recorded video at the 75th UN General Assembly and offered a message of hope and comfort for the youth who are suffering the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

BTS is also the official ambassador of UNICEF’s “Love Myself” campaign.

Photo from KPop Herald

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