Titas of BTS Virtual Art Museum – NamKook Collection 2021

Celebrate Jung Kook and RM’s birthdays this September through the Titas of BTS Virtual Art Museum!

The collection features artworks by the talented and creative members of this #PearlARMY group, and are all inspired by Jung Kook and RM’s songs and personalities.

Artists featured in this collection include:

To view the virtual art museum below:

  1. Turn on the music by clicking the “sound” icon on the lower left corner.
  2. Click on the text boxes and arrows to navigate.
  3. Click on the “artwork title” to know more about each artwork.

Some artworks featured in this museum are open for sale, while some artists are also open for commissions. For inquiries, you may send an email to armyconnectph@gmail.com.

View Titas of BTS Virtual Art Museum on Google Slides

You may also enjoy viewing the Titas of BTS Virtual Museum on Google Slides by DOWNLOADING IT HERE and simply follow the instructions below:

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