September is one of the huge months for ARMY as we celebrate NamKook’s Birthdays, a.k.a. the birthdays of Jung Kook and RM.

BTS’ Golden Maknae turns 24 (international age) on September 1, while the group’s leader turns 27 on September 12.

To celebrate these special occasions, #PearlARMY group Titas of BTS mounts several activities to bring Tita ARMYs together virtually.

“Memories Of” Magazine: Jung Kook and RM Edition

In partnership with ARMY Connect PH, Titas of BTS is set to come out with the first-ever edition of the “Memories Of” digital magazine.

This will feature a virtual collection of themed BTS content handpicked by Titas Of BTS members to create a treasure-trove of special memories that we all can come back to and even share with “baby ARMYs” who are just getting into the BTS rabbit hole.

For its first edition, the “Memories Of” Magazine will feature Jung Kook and RM’s funniest moments from their game/variety show Run BTS.

This will be released on Titas of BTS as well as on on September 4.

BTS Virtual Museum by Titas Of BTS

Meanwhile, on September 11, Titas of BTS in parntership with ARMY Connect PH will also launch the BTS Virtual Museum.

This will feature art pieces by members of the Titas of BTS community featuring Jungkook and Namjoon.

The museum will be curated by the Titas of BTS team, and will be viewed exclusively on

Titas Together for NamKook’s Birthdays

Continuing its tradition, Titas of BTS is also holding a charity drive in honor of Jung Kook and RM’s birthdays for the month of September.

Still pursuing its #Women4Women campaign, this call for donation will benefit Little ARMY Jam and Grace To Be Born Foundation.

Donations are accepted until September 18.

Exclusive raffle for Titas of BTS members

Participants of this donation drive and other events for NamKook’s Birthdays are entitled to join the raffle and win prizes from generous event partners Kipling Philippines, Smart Communications, and POP City PH.

Other prizes from Kim Shop Jin, Duende, Nails by Mara Loyola, Kore Studio PH, Shop Bangtan Style, Chickensutock, Dear ARMY PH, Carina Jewels, 6100 ARMY FIX, Bangtan Seoul Sisters, Chubbi Chingus PH, Digital iC3 Productions Inc., and MYRA Philippines will also be given away to lucky event participants.

This raffle is exclusive only to members of the Titas of BTS community.

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