7 things you didn't know about BTS

Billboard’s 7 Things You Didn’t Know About BTS [20210826] – FULL TRANSCRIPT

On August 26, Billboard released its latest magazine issue featuring BTS on the cover and a bunch of promotional videos on their Instagram account.

One of these videos is a mini-interview with the members revealing a few things that people may not know about them.

Here’s what they had to say.

7 Things You Didn’t Know About BTS

RM: There’s one thing you didn’t know about me: I like quite small and cute things, which are quite the opposite of my look. More thank you think.

And though I don’t particularly like seafood, I can still eat sushi, sashimi, and squid.

I like squid, actually. Squidward is the best!

Jimin: I sleep a lot.

RM: We all know that.

Jimin: Yes, you do.

But what you may not know is on our off days, I sleep all the way until 6 or 7 PM.

Jung Kook: That’s a good thing.

RM: So your first meal (of the day) is dinner, then?

Jimin: Yes, I guess that would be the start of my day.

Jung Kook: It’s the morning for Jimin.

RM: You’re living such a cool life.

Jimin: What’s wrong with sleeping?

RM: I’m saying it’s cool.

Jung Kook: Everyone may already know that I have a lot of ambition and I try to do everything I want to, but…

Though people think I just go ahead and try different things without hesitation, I still contemplate a lot, go through my thoughts, and then once I reach a decision, that’s when I finally execute (into actions).

RM: Is that so?

Jimin: That’s truly a TMI fact.

RM: We had no idea.

Jung Kook: It is TMI.

Jimin: It is.

Jin: Here’s one thing you didn’t know about me: I prefer old things.

When new tech or products are released, I distance myself from them at first.

For me, how should I say this… When new things are released I’m a little afraid of them at first.

I wonder how they function and worry that I’ll get confused if they have more features than what I’m used to.

I have those kinds of fears.

j-hope: You can’t be like that. You’ll start to lag behind!

Jin: Will I?

j-hope: This is a matter of mindset.

Jin: Then I’ll choose to lag.

j-hope: Always adjust to the trend!

Jin: Since my mindset will lag, I’ll just follow you, j-hope.

j-hope: Here’s one thing you didn’t know about me: Now, with some difficulty, I can finish a bottle of wine by myself. Yes!

That much is a piece of cake for me now.

Jin: j-hope…

j-hope: Yes?

Jin: Being able to drink only one bottle of wine is, in my opinion, a matter of mindset.

You can finish two, but your mindset is weak. That’s why you can only drink one.

j-hope: No, but… for my standards, even one bottle was a great challenge.

And even now, I finish one bottle with difficulty.

SUGA: Here’s one thing you don’t know about me: I really wanted to become a basketball player when I was younger but I wasn’t able to grow taller.

It’s a very sad memory. I”m the same height as I was in my second year of middle school.

V: Here’s one thing you don’t know about me: I think many ARMY think that I can’t drink alcohol very well, but I can drink a little better now.

There’s something called “fruit soju” and that’s something I can enjoy.

SUGA: Can’t you also drink wine?

V: Wine… I do like wine, too, but I like soju as well.

Watch the video here:

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