#FromBTSsocials: BTS V plays around with new Weverse features

As the self-proclaimed “BTS Weverse Head of Entertainment,” BTS V was “working hard” at 2:00 in the morning today to give ARMY a quick look into some of the new Weverse features.

He started his fun rollercoaster saga by replying to an ARMY’s post:

ARMY: Taehyung Oppa you look so wrecked* today
Cham’pagne’* that makes me drunk
V: This person’s been posting a lot today
[*wrecked ( 폐인 ) is pronounced pae-in which is similar to cham’pagne’]
(Translation by @BOMHARU1230 on Twitter)

He then posted a photo of himself from the set of their shoot for Louis Vuitton’s Men’s Fall-Winter 2021 Collection by Virgil Abloh presentation, which premiered on July 7.

V on Weverse: “I wanna grow my hair” (Translation by @BTStranslation_ on Twitter)

“I wanna grow my hair,” V said and proceeded to comment on more ARMY posts.

ARMY: Naeuli(sir) what brings you here in such a late hour*
V: oh aren’t you Samyongie*
[*they are talking in historical drama tone]
(Translation by @BOMHARU1230 on Twitter)
ARMY: Taehyungie, I really love your long hair, hope you grow it out
V: short hair = selca x length a little longer = selca o long hair down to the waist + beard = selfie video ♡ pick
(Translation by @modooborahae on Twitter)
ARMY: Taehyung would look great in whatever you do….
V: nah I can’t grow it anyways because it’s frustrating/annoying
(Translation by @modooborahae on Twitter)
ARMY: huh I wonder why all the people who are getting answers have Namjoon Kim-related nicknames…☆
V: because those with Namjoonie hyung (nick)names speak as humorously as Namjoonie hyung?
(Translation by @modooborahae on Twitter)

In between comments, V also created a couple of posts that explored the different features of the Weverse App, including the option to control the number of comments that are allowed in a post…

…and putting a password before someone else can see your post.

He later deleted these posts, but ARMY translators (bless you!) were quick to catch them before they were gone.

After 34 minutes of entertaining his subjects, V, Weverse’s Entertainment Manager, finally capped off the early morning session with a sweet good night.

V: Good night
(Translation by @BTStranslations_ on Twitter)

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