Looking back at July 27, 2020, the day BTS first announced “Dynamite” on VLive

In 2020, when the COVID-19 hit globally, the members of BTS, like most of us all over the world, were forced to stay at home and find worthwhile things to do with their time.

Just as they described in their interviews over the past year and alluded to in some of their songs in the BE album, which is basically all about their thoughts and feelings during the pandemic, they kept busy doing many things like learning a new instrument, working out, playing, resting, etc.

Finding time to start new hobbies and try out new things, they took to VLive to share some of those moments with ARMY.

At one point, we saw RM and Jimin make dalgona coffee, RM and j-hope decorate ARMY Bombs, JinKiMin (a.k.a. Jin, SUGA, and Jimin) play Just Dance, Jung Kook and V make paper carnations, j-hope make bead bracelets for BTS and ARMY, and Jung Kook and Jimin make kimbap.

The members also used the live stream platform to just randomly talk with ARMY, like Jimin sharing stories and doing Q&As with ARMY, V playing some songs, Jin doing a couple of Eat Jin episodes, and “DJ SUGA” doing weekly broadcasts of “Honey FM 06.13” where he talked about music, read some stories, and featured the other members.

But a special VLive broadcast came on at 11:50 PM on July 26, 2020 (PH time) or 12:50 AM on July 27 (KST) that changed our lives forever.

The voice-only broadcast started out with “JiJinJung” (Jimin, Jin, and Jung Kook) mimicking SUGA’s Honey FM.

But it later turned into a major event as the other members joined them to make an official announcement.

At around the 27:22 mark, V started reading out the announcement they prepared for ARMY: “For our ARMY, we, BTS, are releasing a new single in August,” he said.

The other members cheered and V went on to share the single’s release date on August 21, 2020.

RM continued to talk about the single being released ahead of the new album they’ve been working out since the pandemic happened.

“Due to the COVID-19 situation continuing, there are a lot of you who might be having a hard time. We wanted to give certain energy to you right away as well, so it’s coming out as a single before the album,” RM said.

“For BTS, it’s a first and new attempt,” added SUGA, who prompted j-hope to reveal that the song is going to be an all-English track.

Of course, we all now know the album they talked about that day was BE, and the single was “Dynamite,” which has since gone on to become the first-ever song by a Korean artist to debut at the No. 1 spot of the Billboard Hot 100 and Global 200 charts and the first-ever pop song by a Korean artist to be nominated and performed at the Grammy Awards.

Since that day, ARMY had been up on social media every night awaiting new updates and announcements about the song’s title, concept, music video trailer, and other promotional activities.

Truly, July 27, 2020, will always be a memorable day for BTS and ARMY as it was the jump-off point of BTS catapulting into even bigger global stars than they already were and reaching more people across to globe through their powerful, healing music.

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