The BTS Pop-up Map of the Soul Showcase in Metro Manila Experience

I had been looking forward to going to the BTS Pop-up Map of the Soul Showcase in Metro Manila ever since they announced that there was going to be one.

I was able to go to the House of BTS in Seoul way back in 2019 (the last time I was able to travel out of the country before the pandemic hit), so I kind of had an idea of what to expect. Seeing the posts of the different shops in other countries also added to the excitement. 

So when the reservations opened up last May 26 (I checked if it was open at midnight – it wasn’t, and set my alarm for 9:50 AM so that I could be online at exactly 10:00 AM), I quickly chose a schedule and hurriedly checked out.

Again, from experience, if you take too long to decide, you will run out of slots!

I chose the last slot for the weekend (7:15 – 8:00 PM) so that I would not be pressured about having to hurry up because another batch was coming in.

Thankfully, I was able to secure it, together with my sister!

We arrived in SM Megamall around 6:30 PM. I was hesitant a bit because there might be a crowd, but thankfully, there weren’t a lot of people in the area (I am still a bit paranoid because of ‘Rona).

There was a table set up in front (beside H&M) where you show your reservation notice received via email.

They confirm the details on the master list, give you a number, and ask you to wait for the time.

There were seats available for waiting, so everything was quite orderly!

At exactly 7:15 PM, they allowed us to enter.

Following protocols, they take your temperature and ask you to sanitize your hands.

They then give you a basket with a free blue bracelet and postcard that says “BTS Pop Up Map of the Soul Showcase in Metro Manila” (they also gave these at the House of BTS in Seoul, but it was pink to fit the Persona theme).

There were so many things to see, but most of them were above my budgeted price range (I had ordered merch from WeVerse earlier), but I could not leave without buying anything.

I chose a Tiny Tan face towel and ballpen of Suga, of course.

Since I was pretty decided on my items, I chose to roam around taking photos of the shop while waiting for my sister to finish.

Many of the customers had already left, so the line was not long at the cashier.

My sister had such a difficult time choosing what to buy because she wanted a lot of the items, and we ended up being the last customers in the store for that time slot. 

Oh, I also asked about online shopping! According to the staff, they may open this option sometime soon but we have yet to wait for an official announcement.

So if you are still unable to leave your house or can’t travel to Manila, you can still purchase the items directly from the Morningkall website and have them sent to your house.

Though it was just a fraction of the BTS Pop-up Map of the Soul Showcase in Seoul I went to, it was still a fun experience, and seeing “Metro Manila” printed on the freebies made my Pinoy heart swell a little bigger. 

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