7 Cool BTS things to see inside the HYBE INSIGHT Museum

The HYBE INSIGHT Museum, located right inside the HYBE office building in Seoul’s Yongsan District, has opened to the public for the first time on May 14.

Some lucky K-ARMYs already got to visit the space and shared their experience and cool finds on Twitter.

The two-floor space, which occupies the building’s first and second basement levels, is filled with precious details for all fans of HYBE artists, which include Lee Hyun, TXT, Enhypen, Seventeen, NU’EST, GFriend, and of course BTS.

From iconic memorabilia to the tiniest details showcasing the colorful history of HYBE Labels artists, here are 7 of the most interesting BTS things to see inside the HYBE INSIGHT Museum:

Hannam at HYBE

A replica of the living room set from the Life Goes On music video is one of the attractions featured in the museum.

The living room used in the music video is actually BTS’ dorm in Hannam The Hill luxury apartments, one of Seoul’s most expensive and highly secure residences.

The display includes an L-shape brown leather couch, a lounge chair, a blue turntable, and a replica of RM’s bonsai plant.

The Trophy Wall

Did you see that wall? It’s hella trophies and it’s hella… tall!

BTS and their fellow HYBE Labels artists have amassed hundreds of awards in the course of their careers and what better way to show them off than this massive ceiling-to-floor display case.

The awards on display combine several trophies of all HYBE artists.

Some of the notable ones from BTS are the Moonman trophies from the MTV Video Music Awards, their golden microphones from the Billboard Music Awards, their orange blimps from the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards, and trophies from the American Music Awards and the BBC Radio 1 Teen Awards.

A few of their Daesang trophies (they have A LOT!) from awards shows like the MNET Asia Music Awards (MAMA), Golden Disc Awards, and Melon Music Awards among others, are also on display here.

According to ARMY accounts on Twitter, the trophy wall is actually part of a whole show that happens inside a room where a heartwarming video of the artists telling their stories are played onscreen.

After a while, the wall opens up to reveal the trophies displayed beautifully in a lighted showcase.

The Billboard Hot 100 corner

Chronicling the massive success of BTS’ first all-English song “Dynamite” is this corner that highlights the Billboard Hot 100 No. 1 plaque and some international magazines that featured BTS at the height of their press promotions in the US.

The black guitar included in the showcase is SUGA’s own instrument, which he donated to the museum.

Some say that this is the same guitar he used to play songs for ARMY on his VLive broadcast in October 2020, days before he underwent surgery for his shoulder injury in November.

Photo from @inlovejhs on Twitter

Colored microphones

We’ve only seen their colorful bejeweled microphones in photos and videos, but now ARMY can get to see these beauties up close as they are also displayed in one of the areas in the museum.

Photo from @7_vante on Twitter

Map of the BTS Universe

For all the HYYH and BTS Universe enthusiasts, HYBE INSIGHT created this map that links all the settings in the fictional story line.

Exclusive “Fake Love” + “Black Swan” performances

In one of the museum’s halls, a large screen plays this video of BTS in a never-before-seen performance of “Fake Love” and “Black Swan.”

The screen is almost as big as the wall so you can watch BTS in all their life-size glory!

Video from @Golden_kku on Twitter

Dior Homme outfits

Exclusively designed for BTS by Kim Jones, creative director of French fashion house Dior Homme, these clothes are now preserved in the museum.

BTS wore these bespoke costumes–now famously known as the Dior “MIC Drop” outfits–during their Love Yourself, Speak Yourself Concert World Tour.

Of course, there are a lot more things to see at HYBE INSIGHT, including the limited exhibition “Seven Phases” by artist James Jean, a “Euphoria” themed room that highlights “the scent of Euphoria,” rooms that feature the music production process at HYBE, and other showcases featuring BTS and other HYBE Labels artists.

Which of these attractions are you most excited to see?

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