Smart BTS Press Launch Q&A [20210422] – FULL TRANSCRIPT

During the exclusive media launch of the Smart BTS “Live Smarter, Live with Purpose” campaign on April 22, some members of the media, including ARMY Connect PH, were able to ask a few questions to BTS about their thoughts on the new campaign and #PearlARMY.

They answered the questions through a recorded video. Read the full transcript below:

Q: Have you heard about the amount of support you have received from Philippines?

RM: I think we always went to Philippines once a year during our tour and a lot of fans are waiting and supporting us even with a hot weather. I’d like to visit again as soon as possible to hear the cheers of ARMY in Philippines.

Jin: Philippines is a great country and I really want to go there as a vacation spot. I’d like to visit you again.

SUGA: I watched Philippine basketball occasionally and the level was very high.

RM: Oh really?

SUGA: They really love basketball.

j-hope: You’re right.

SUGA: I enjoy watching it these days.

j-hope: Yes, I know it very well. Philippines can’t be left out for Southeast Asia tours. Food is also delicious. I love the Philippines!

Jimin: We know very well that you are always sending us messages through social media. You are also doing various activities such as uploading videos that cover our songs or dances and participating in competitions.

V: I heard that there are a lot of ARMY in the Philippines. I’d like to see you as soon as possible.

Jungkook: Yes, I’m very grateful to all the ARMY who support us from far away.

Q: As you’ve been open about your individual and collective struggles in the past, the message of SMART’s “Live Smarter, Live with Purpose” campaign must resonate with your group as well. What is the passion and purpose of BTS?

RM: Our passion and purpose are, of course, to encourage and inspire people with the music and dancing, which we love. I think that’s everything.

Jin: I’m not sure about BTS’ passion because I can’t read the mind of our members, but my passion is to please ARMY. I will do my best with all my effort.

SUGA: What makes us move is the ARMY waiting for us.

j-hope: The members before me spoke very well. These days, I try to move with passion without purpose. That might soon become the purpose.

Jimin: The passion of the team comes from longing for stage and wanting to do music. And the reason and purpose, of course, will be an ARMY.

V: I want to give encouragement and healing to ARMY’s life with great music.

Jung Kook: I often think about what I can do right now, what I want to do, and what I need to do.

Q: Bouncing off the idea of “Live Smarter, Live with Purpose,” what message do you have for the ARMY and SMART subscribers?

RM: Wouldn’t it be smart if you put your heart into something every moment? It’s been a while since we met with ARMY and everyone in Philippines. Let’s meet soon after this long winter is over. I miss you a lot!

Jin: Smart decisions have always been important to us and it seems to have produced good results to us. Let’s be happy everyone! I will encourage you so you can only walk the path of happiness!

SUGA: It’s a smart decision if you think about it carefully when you make a decision. The year 2021 has started, everyone. I hope that everyone stays healthy this year so we can see you at the concert hall.

j-hope: The simple fact is that when you have a purpose, you will have a reason for [living] and it becomes your driving force. Since you’re born in this world, I think challenging the world with a sense of purpose is one of the important factors to enjoy life! Stay healthy and be happy! That’s the most important until the day when the Coronavirus ends soon and we can come to see you in person! Peace!

Jimin: I think life is a wonderful thing. Even before we die, there are so many things in the world that we cannot experience all. So, wouldn’t it be nice to have a purpose to see and enjoy a lot of things and sometimes to enjoy life? Dear Filipino ARMY, I hope my heart can reach you and thank you for always supporting us. We look forward to seeing you soon!

V: Challenge yourself! No matter how many times you fall, don’t give up. Challenge yourself to break a big wall in your life.

BTS: Ohhh! I always want to [show] ARMY with good music and performances as soon as possible after the [pandemic] is over!

Jung Kook: First of all, it would be nice if you had a clear purpose but I hope that you will think about and judge your realistic environment and do what you need to do, one by one. Our beloved ARMY and SMART subscribers, I am so happy o be with SMART. I hope your life will be a smart life in the future, like SMART. I’ll be rooting for you! Please stay healthy!

j-hope: Wow! Everyone spoke such good words!

Q from ARMY Connect PH: There are seven members with 7 distinct personalities. What is the secret of your teamwork?

RM: I think that we have been together for a long time and the members are really very nice.

Jin: We’re very close, but we keep our line for sure. If we’re too close, we can’t really talk about uncomfortable things. Look, they’re crossing the line right now!

SUGA: Everyone really respects each other. We couldn’t help arguing sometimes because we are people but whenever that happens we dealt with it wisely.

j-hope: I think it’s a consideration for each other.

BTS: That’s right!

Jimin: For me, I think it was the opportunity for members to understand each other more because all of the members are all different.

V: I think we have a good teamwork because we have the same desire and same heart.

Jung Kook: I also think it’s the understanding and consideration for each other.

j-hope: That’s right.

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9 thoughts on “Smart BTS Press Launch Q&A [20210422] – FULL TRANSCRIPT

  1. this makes me smile while reading these 🥺 im just so happy that they finally know that Philippines exist 🥺 hahaha wala lang natutuwa lang ako kasi kinikilig ako habang binabasa ko HAHAHAHAHA 🥺 asang asa nako na mag kakaron na talaga ng chance ph armys na mameet ulit silaaa hahahha sana matapos na ang pandemic potekkkkkkkkkk 🥺

  2. I’m a army from Philippines .. I will be very glad to see you here again .. actually I’m eagerly waiting for that .. you are always welcome .. but you know here is very close friend of mine who lives in bangladesh .. she always keeps talking about you.. but sometimes she feels upset .. if you don’t know about their existence that’s why.. do you know about them?

  3. Fact: ALL ARMY’s around the world is so precious to them. I hope when the time will come,I can meet you here in the Philippines,we really wanted to see you. We miss you all.🥺

  4. You All Really Love Basketball Champagne,
    There is 1 question, do you like other games besides basketball?

  5. I think it means there are different paths in each one of us, just keep moving and take your path, tiptoe if you must together we can find our future and will get to our destinations. We may not get there at the same time but don’t loose hope, and don’t forget to live happy and smart.

  6. I have come to really love BTS not just because of their great music and dancing but because of the positive messages they put out their. I get good energy from all of them and that’s with never having met them. Thank you to each of them for making my life more enjoyable.

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