BTS Love Myself campaign 2021 [20210305] – FULL TRANSCRIPT

The highly successful BTS Love Myself campaign has been revamped to include emphasis on the youth’s mental and psycho-social well-being during the pandemic.

In a video message released on March 5, BTS shared their thoughts on how the meaning of Love Myself changed for them over the past three years, especially in 2020.

They also expressed their commitment to the renewed partnership with UNICEF and the people whose lives are touched by the campaign.

UNICEF Executive Director Henrietta Fore, UNICEF Korea Executive Director Lee Key-cheol, and Big Hit Entertainment CEO of HQ & Management are also featured in the video.

Read full transcript of BTS’ message at the renewal of the BTS Love Myself campaign in partnership with UNICEF:

BTS Love Myself campaign 2021

RM: It’s very regretful that we cannot meet in person for this important occasion.

It seems like yesterday that we held our signing ceremony and began the Love Myself campaign.

And to think that we’re already in our fifth year makes me recall that moment in 2017.

We are extremely moved and thankful that our Love Myself campaign, which began with small steps, is nor being elevated to a multinational MCA partnership.

We also strove to ‘Love Myself’ and ourselves and I think we as a team and as individuals grew as well.

I was honored with the opportunity to present two speeches at the UN, which made me understand the importance of this campaign and experience.

How we are sending the Love Myself message steadily to people all across the world.

I constantly reminded myself of Love Myself and always tried to love more, and I think all of the our members feel the same way.

Jin: That’s right. Since we’ve put our name to this campaign, I thought I should be the first to follow the campaign message.

I felt I should begin by loving myself more and always kept Love Myself at the forefront of my thoughts and came to love myself more and more.

Learning to love myself made me happy and confident; and understanding how precious the people around me were made me more sincere in my relationships.

I decided that I wanted to share my experience of growth and happiness through Love Myself with others.

Jimin: Yes, I can really relate to what Jin said.

I think before the campaign I just vaguely thought I’d rather see genuine joy instead of forced laughs or tears.

All the members and I started this campaign so that more people could really laugh.

I thought we’re doing this for people around us but I realized as time passed that many changes also happened within myself.

I came to ask myself if my smile is also genuine and I was able to really open the doors into my heart through Love Myself.

I was also really surprised how so many people were eager and sincere about taking part in this campaign.

And that’s what helped me console myself and grow even more.

j-hope: Yes, I can definitely relate to what you said about consoling and growing.

I still remember how I really felt how I can Love Myself when I made my final comments at the Love Yourself concert in April of 2019.

I still can’t forget how I called out ‘Love yourself’ and ARMY answered with ‘Love myself.’

There was incredible power made possible by people united in one thought and heart.

I felt that just hearing ‘love myself’ was energy to help love oneself.

It’s easy to neglect looking after yourself when you’re busy, but thanks to Love Myself, I was able to reflect on myself and learn to love and cherish myself.

I think all of you felt how [through] the love you receive from people around you can become the power that allows you to love yourself, too.

V: Everyone always mention people around them when they talk about Love Myself and I can’t agree more.

Love myself starts with a message to love yourself, but ultimately it’s a message of loving each other and loving everyone.

I realized through Love Myself how much love I’m receiving and that has made me love myself more and love others more.

Jung Kook: Love Myself is both our message to the world and a message I always told myself, and had to tell myself.

If someone asks me what words impart the energy to live in this world, I would say ARMY and also Love Myself.

I am so happy when our fans say they were able to get back on their feet after hearing our message of Love Myself.

And I hope that this message can continue to serve to invigorate everyone’s lives.

RM: I’m proud of the next step for our Love Myself campaign, but also feel a great sense of responsibility.

Still, I’m confident because I’m not alone because I can continue this campaign with the members of BTS.

SUGA was very sad he couldn’t be here today.

But we know that SUGA, like all of the members, will be honored of the seven of us can continue this campaign and return the amazing love that we have received, and give even more people the strength to come closer to Love Myself.

Jin: I want to share with everyone how we love ourselves.

All of us have different ways we heal ourselves and I’d like to help everyone find their own way by witnessing how we ‘Love Myself.’

I am healed and consoled at every concert we hold so I personally would like to send the Love myself message through our concerts and be able to heal ourselves and each other together.

j-hope: Yes, loving yourself seems simple but, it’s not all.

Everyone understands it in different ways and loves themselves in different ways.

People also have different ways the spread love to those around them.

If our campaign just gives people the chance to think about how they can love themselves and share love to others, I think that will be a great impact.

I would be happy if I can be just a small source of hope to lots of people through Love Myself.

Jimin: Being together gives great strength. Last year, I though more about Love Myself that ever before.

I was forced to be apart from other people and sometimes felt lonely and anxious, but I was able to hold myself from with Love Myself, and have a chance to console each other, too.

I hope the day will come soon when many more people can learn that we’re all together and share warmth through Love Myself.

V: I’m very proud when I see not just myself and the members but many people around us become happy through Love Myself.

I hope we can continue to spread the message of joy and health for all ARMY through the Love Myself campaign.

Jung Kook: I’d like to make ourselves louder so that even just one more person can hear the Love Myself message.

I hope we can keep doing what we’re doing and voice what we’re voicing, so that you can be happy through us.

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